Laurel Porcari’s Art and Architecture

LAUREL PORCARI is neat but unfussy, incisive yet silly. No shrinking violet, her work reflects the enormous, layered canvas of her mind – geography and mapping, physicality and boundaries. Both abstract and concrete things and theories find themselves transported and translated in the fruits of her studio. And somewhere at the conjunction of art and architecture, design and drawing is Porcari’s gift: fusion.
Porcari’s work is firmly planted in two worlds she thinks should never have been separated in the first place: Art & Architecture. Impossible to separate art from her architectural training, and inconceivable to divide architectural design from her art orientation, both worlds naturally inform her one, interdisciplinary self. From that fortunate lack of demarcation we are treated to Porcari’s large scale, site-specific work. How did she get this way? What makes her tick like that? Maybe it has something to do with being born in a postcard-pretty Hudson River town and wanting nothing more than to flee to the smokestacks of New York City. Which she did. But whether it was geographical disparity or the natural inclinations of a curious youth, Porcari landed indeed.
After stints teaching in Australia, Porcari found herself in New Orleans. Now rooted there, she is dedicated to its reconstruction. Porcari’s teaching influence is felt from high school to her notoriously tough design courses at Tulane University. She is a founding board member of the non-profit New Orleans Creative Glass Institute (NOCGI), where many of her students and glass artists meet to create. Her glass commissions, though – created in her personal studio – are both private and public, and can be seen in New Orleans and beyond. (The artist may be rooted but she is open to travel and commissions beyond swamp geography).


About artglassneworleans

This website is developed to help promote the art of glass in the Greater New Orleans area to and to bring the talents of this local community to the world.

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