YAYA and NOCGI Merge to Form YAYA Creative Glass


NOCGI merges into YAYA to establish Creative Glass at YAYA!

November 10, 2011- Thanks to an agreement between NOCGI and YAYA (Young Aspirations/Young Artists), NOCGI’s public access glass studio and education center will now be a part of YAYA!

“The glass studio and education center you knew as the New Orleans Creative Glass Institute is now Creative Glass at YAYA,” says NOCGI co-founder and CEO Carlos Zervigón.  “Same studio, but now merged into a larger, very successful arts and education organization.”  NOCGI co-founder Laurel Porcari adds, “This merger ensures the long-term success of the public access studio for students and professional artists.  We are excited about this opportunity to grow our programming and increase our outreach to the New Orleans Community.”  NOCGI co-founder Eddie Bernard adds, “As we continue to grow our community of artists working with glass, we want artists around the country and the world to know that there is a place for them in New Orleans.  If you are considering relocating, consider New Orleans.”

“We are thrilled to be serving both our YAYA artist-in-training and the entire arts community of New Orleans through Creative Glass,” says YAYA Executive Director Baty Landis.  “This is a natural next step in the evolution of YAYA’s arts programming, which has served thousands of aspiring young New Orleanians since 1988.” 

Policies, pricing and scheduling will generally be the same under Creative Glass at YAYA as they were under NOCGI.  For further information regarding programming, pricing and scheduling, contact Charity Poskit (charity@yayainc.com) or Mark Morris (mark@yayainc.com), or call the studio office at 504-482-6003.


About artglassneworleans

This website is developed to help promote the art of glass in the Greater New Orleans area to and to bring the talents of this local community to the world.

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